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bwin, new title sponsor of the Padel Pro Tour circuit, the world’s largest listed online gaming company, has signed a three season partnership with the Padel Pro Tour circuit, with the tour now to be known as the “bwin Padel Pro Tour”. The bwin brand has become the official title sponsor and betting partner with exclusive live streaming rights for all events.

Norbert Teufelberger, Co-CEO of, commented: “We are proud to be a partner of the Padel Pro Tour – a sport that is becoming more and more popular in Europe and across the rest of the world. It is exciting to play, exciting to watch and now it will be exciting to bet on.”

Javier Ron, General Manager of Padel Pro Tour: “In our 6th season, we are very satisfied to have as a partner in this extraordinary spectacle that is professional Padel. We believe that this agreement will contribute decisively to the growth of Padel and its expansion in Europe.”

In its sponsoring activities, the bwin brand has always had a strong focus on popular sports such as football, motorsports or basketball at, national and international level. The list of partners is already extensive: bwin is the main sponsor of Real Madrid, a global partner of FIBA, the international basketball federation, and sponsor of all its European and World Championships and, since 2004, has been a close partner of MotoGP, including the title sponsorship of the Jerez (Spain) and Estoril (Portugal) GPs.

Padel – a short indroduction

Still a relatively young sport, with approximately ten million players, Padel is considered to be one of the fastest growing sports globally. Developed in the late sixties in South America, the modern game of Padel Tennis was introduced to Europe through Marbella in Southern Spain during the mid-1970s.

The name Padel, reflects the game’s use of a string less racquet, bringing together a combination of other racquet sports such as Tennis, Real Tennis and Squash. Played on a court smaller than a traditional tennis court, the playing area is enclosed at either end with glass, helping to raise its popularity as a spectator sport. The uniqueness of the game enables players to use the surrounding walls that make up the court to return the ball


Author: Klaus Lackner




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